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Flammability characterization methods

Flame retardancy process can be characterized either in gas phase, by investigating present pyrolysis species, or in solid phase, by studying the morphology and composition of the char layer. There are numerous macro and micro fire characterization methods. Limiting oxygen index (LOI), UL-94, cone calorimetry, microscale calorime…


Flame retardancy mechanisms

According to their specific mechanisms, fire retardants interrupt polymer pyrolysis in one or more steps. Three of the most common flame retardancy mechanisms are described in previous studies. Gas phase inhibition mechanism, where the FRs react with the polymer under combustion in the gas phase with hydroxyl or oxygen agents a…


Flame retardant is indispensable

In order to meet fire safety requirements and diminish fire hazards, different solutions have been developed. Various chemical and physical strategies have evolved to prevent polymers from burning or to lower the heat release amount. Recently, flame retardants (FRs) have been widely recognized as fire safety tools capable of low…


Application and advantages of brominated flame retardants

Bromine is used as a flame retardant, in addition to mercury removal, air purification and other fields. With the wide application of polymer materials such as plastics in household environments, public places and vehicles, flame retardants have increasingly become a must-added fire retardant. Currently, flame retardants are main…


Why use flame retardants

Flame retardants are chemicals added to materials to interfere with combustion. This disturbance is usually to achieve some desired refractory properties - slow ignition, reduce flame spread, etc. Widely used in plastic, wood and textile fire protection.Phosphorus flame retardants (including organic phosphorus and inorganic phosp…


Advantages and disadvantages of commonly used flame retardants

In recent years, with the increase in the output of plastic products and the improvement of safety standards, flame retardant materials are more widely used. Generally speaking, flame retardant materials can be divided into organic flame retardant materials and inorganic flame retardant materials.The organic flame retardant has g…