The importance of flame retardants
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The importance of flame retardants

In order to meet fire safety requirements and diminish fire hazards, different solutions have been developed. Various chemical and physical strategies have evolved to prevent polymers from burning or to lower the heat release amount.  Recently, flame retardants (FRs) have been widely recognized as fire safety tools capable of lowering the number of fire injuries and death. The term flame retardant refers to a diverse group of chemicals that are added to synthesis materials, such as, plastics to prevent or slow down the combustion process. Adding flame retardants to polymers, fibers, and papers are an expanding trend that can protect the final product from burning.  Therefore, it is clear that flame retardants are an important part of polymer composite formulations. Role of FRs is significant for those cases that polymers have a high chance of being exposed to the ignition source (like in electronics and electrical applications), and those where polymers can ignite and spread fire quickly (like in residential and industrial buildings, limiting evacuation, and transportation)


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