Bio macromolecular flame retardants
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Bio macromolecular flame retardants

Very recently, bio macromolecules such as proteins (whey proteins, caseins, hydrophobias) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) have shown unexpected flame retardancy on cellulosic or synthetic substrates [21]. These proteins are waste or by-products from the cheese and milk industry, DNA is costly, but DNA was extracted and purified from salmon milt. The mechanism is still under investigation -a stable and protective char (i.e. a carbonaceous residue) formed. Compared to proteins, DNA shows unique behaviour, since it contains the three main ingredients of an intumescent formulation all in one molecule. Phosphate groups able to produce phosphoric acid, the deoxyribose rings act as a carbon source and blowing agents (upon heating they may dehydrate forming char and releasing water) and the nitrogen-containing bases may release ammonia, DNA-treated cotton fabrics showed outstanding self-extinguishment features.

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