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Flame retardant APP from Novista

Flame retardant APP from Novista

Novista is one of main flame retardant supplier from China. We are the manufacturer of Brominated flame retardant and Halogen-free flame retardant with capacity of 30,000mt in China.

We already exported our products to USA, Euro ,Russia , Korea and more than 20 countries.

If you are producing of paint and coating, I think you will use our Proflame-APP801.

The benefits of our APP801:
1. Halogen and formaldehyde-free, non-toxic and does not generate additional quantities of smoke.
2. Requires lower loadings ensuring lower cost., better properties retention and excellent flow.
3. Exhibits excellent processability, good retention of mechanical and electrical properties in thermoplastic formulations
4. In thermosets, can be used in conjunction with ATH, which allows a significant reduction of the total FR filler
5. High polymerization degree ("n" value > 1000), higher thermal stability and lower water solubility than APP-I.


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