Microencapsulated red phosphorus flame retardant
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Microencapsulated red phosphorus flame retardant

 Among halogen-free flame retardants, red phosphorus flame retardants are good flame retardants with low addition amount, high flame retardant efficiency and smoke. It has the advantages of low toxicity, low toxicity and widespread use. When red phosphorus is used in combination with inorganic flame retardants such as aluminum hydroxide and effervescent graphite, halogen-free composite flame retardants, such as phosphorus/magnesium, phosphorus/aluminum and phosphorus/graphite, can be prepared, resulting in a large amount of flame retardants. fuel. Can be reduced. Improve the processability and physical and mechanical properties of plastic products. However, ordinary red phosphorus is easily oxidized, easily absorbs moisture in the air, easily causes dust explosion, is difficult to transport, and has poor solubility in polymer materials, so its application range is limited. To remedy this shortcoming, microencapsulated red phosphorus can be prepared using a microencapsulation process. Microencapsulated red phosphorus not only overcomes the inherent shortcomings of red phosphorus, but also has the advantages of high efficiency, low smoke, and no toxic gas. Its dispersibility, physical and mechanical properties, thermal stability and flame retardancy are improved and enhanced.
Novista Group supplies equivalent of FP-2100JC, FP-2200S, FP-2500S, Exolit OP1230, OP930, OP1312, OP1314 to global market. 


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