Common mistakes in the use of flame retardants
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Common mistakes in the use of flame retardants

Misunderstanding 1: The larger the amount of flame retardant, the better the flame retardant effect. The limiting oxygen index (LOI) and UL-94 test results show that the flame retardant performance of the material is related to the flame retardant dosage. With the increase of flame retardant content, the flame retardant effect first increases and then decreases. Too much flame retardant can have a significant impact on the mechanical properties of the material.  

Misunderstanding 2:  The higher the flame retardant rating, the better. In general, people always want their materials to have a higher flame rating. However, in fact, various flame retardant test methods have limitations, and their conclusions are relative. For example, UL94 V-0 is better than V-2, however, some electrical products require arc ignitable materials and V-2 is better than V-0. Since V-2 plastic does not form conductivity and coke under the action of electricity, the possibility of fire is greatly reduced, but V-0 plastic is the complete opposite.

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