Flame Retardants: Preventing Fires and Protecting Consumers
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Flame Retardants: Preventing Fires and Protecting Consumers

As consumer products continue to evolve and improve, from lighter and faster computers to energy-saving building materials and construction methods to more fuel-efficient cars, fire safety technology allows these products to comply with domestic safety standards and laws.
Flame retardants are materials that can be used in products, made from plastics, textiles, foams or wood, to reduce the chances of a fire starting and to delay the spread of fire once it starts.
Flame retardant compounds help mitigate fire danger
- Increase plastic’s ignition resistance
- Reduce the speed of flame spread
- Reduce heat release
- Reduce smoke & fume generation
Novista Group produce flame retardant APP (ammonium polyphosphate), MCA (melamine cyanurate)and DBDPE (Decabromodiphenyl Ethane), good quality and favorable price. REACH and RoHS certificated.


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