decabromodiphenyl ether DBDPO
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decabromodiphenyl ether DBDPO

DBDPO by Novista Group is decabromodiphenyl oxide. Acts as a flame retardant. Offers
good thermal stability. Provides a cost effective solution to flame retardant
formulations in a wide range of applications. Due to its high bromine content, it is
highly effective in achieving desired levels of flame retardancy. DBDPO is used in
elastomers, wire & cable, textile coatings, business machines and television cabinets
formulations. Also used in polyamides, polyolefins, styrenic and polyester resins.

Novista Group supply:
Halogen Free FR for PP/polypropylene/polyolefins
Halogen Free FR for PA/nylon/Polyamide
Aluminum Diethyl Phosphinate (ADP)
Intumescent flame retardant
Flame Retardant SR-130


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