Flame Retardant FP-2500S,Flame retardant FP-2100JC,Flame Retardant FP-2200S,OP 1230,OP 1314
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About us

Novista focus on R&D, manufacturing and marketing plastic additives&polymers. Until now, our business are involved in construction material industry. Paint & coating industry,Electronic industry, Automobile industry, Plastic & polymer processing industry, etc.
Our product scope expans to eight main series, including :
.Impact modifier
.cPVC Resin & Compound
.Processing aids
.ASA Resin & Compound
.Chlorinated polymer
.Heat stabilizer
.Flame Retardant.

Our Vision:

To be one professional and reliable polymer & plastic additive solution exporter.
Norwida trademark registration:
Novista has strong brand awareness and all the commodities have corresponding registered trademarks.


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